How peer groups manage privacy on Facebook and how single users manage their contacts

Currently our colleagues from Goethe University are running two user studies. In both studies we are making use of the new ROSE version. Laura explores group mechanisms within groups of Facebook users, while Andreas inquires friend management and sharing behavior in context.

Laura’s study focuses on groups of users that interact on Facebook. By observing their interactions she tries to capture individual strategies of content management as well as collective strategies. Participants are asked to reflect their practices in the context of different audiences.

Andreas‘ study is motivated by our and others‘ finding that many OSN users don’t care about privacy settings because they strictly select their friends – and „friends“ are allowed to access all content. With 12 users Andreas investigates how they connect with other users and how they manage their contacts. He wants to know how these practices relate to users’ disclosure decisions. The primary goal is to detect privacy issues, which may evolve in the interplay between human and technical actors.