DIPO @ CSCW 2015 Vancouver

From March 14th to 18th,  Andreas and Laura traveled to CSCW 2015 in Vancouver. They participated in a Workshop on The Future of Networked Privacy: Challenges and Opportunities. During the two day workshop they engaged in discussions on terms and theories as well as our empirical work. They had the chance to refresh old contacts and meet some new interesting people and perspectives.

We decided to do some advertisment for once. No worries, we´d still rather do research.

We decided to do some advertisment for once. No worries, we would still rather do research.

DIPO @ Digitalization

First announcement for 2015

On February, 20th our team will participate in a conference on digitization „Digitale Praxen“ at the institute of cultural anthropology and european ethnology, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. We will talk about our methodology with ROSE and IVY and several challenges we had to face in our interdiscplinary teamwork. The conference takes place February, 19-21st and is free of charge. The day before the conference a MAX-QDA workshop is held.

Klick here for further information and conference program.

DIPO Workshop

On Friday, 28th of November, we sat down for a one day workshop with all team members to discuss the results of our empirical study on information sharing norms in peer groups. We talked about sociotechnical negotiations between peer group members and the technological platform. Against all odds on a Friday afternoon, we even had quite some fun.