„DIPO – Software (D)esign for (I)nteractional (P)rivacy within (O)nline Social Networks“ is an interdisciplinary research cooperation between Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main and Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) / Technische Universität Darmstadt. We established this cooperation as a kind of grassroot movement in 2009 where social scientists and computer scientists found together to study privacy issues in online social networks.

In our studies, we investigate on how user manage their interactional privacy in online social networks, that is vis-a-vis other users. We conceptualize online social networks as socio-technical system, where we understand user practices as strongly entangled with software technology. By unpacking this relationship between user and technology, we try to understand how we can tackle privacy issues through appropriate software design.

Our project comprises several activities at Goethe University and at Fraunhofer SIT:

  • Teaching in the form of research seminars
  • Supervision of Master and Bachelor theses in social science and computer science
  • Research in the context of PhD theses
  • Research projects done by full-time faculty members and research assistants